Teeter Hang Ups vs Ironman Gravity 4000: Which Is Best?

The sedentary lifestyle most people have these days have caused terrible consequences. More and more people are now suffering from poor blood flow, severe back pain, and discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Billions of dollars are going every year to chiropractic professionals who are not solving the clients’ problems.

For other people, the clear answer is to having a more active routine, based on daily and demanding exercise. Unfortunately, not all people out there have enough time to train. Maybe, their back pain doesn’t allows them to practice a sport. What’s the right answer then?

Lately, inversion tables and gravity boots have become an extraordinary resource for people for relieve their back pain, release stress, and even train their abs. With this increasing demand, the market flooded with many inversion tables, letting down users who chose low-quality ones that didn’t last long or didn’t provide the promised benefits.

In the following lines, we will talk about the Teeter EP-650 and the Ironman Gravity 4000, two well-known inversion tables that are convincing more and more users out there.


Teeter EP 650 Reviews

It’s necessary to address both the Teeter EP-650 and the Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion tables with a critical point of view, identifying what is good about them and what isn’t. This is the only way to know which alternative is the best for us.

Hang Ups Teeter EP-650 Inversion Table Review

We need to start this brief review by saying that the Teeter EP-650 is the most expensive. This amazing inversion table normally goes beyond $250, representing a high price tag for the segment. Nevertheless, there are multiple reasons behind it.

The materials used in the Teeter EP-650’s construction have the highest quality possible, providing high durability and safety during the use. As you can expect, inversion tables must provide real durability, mainly because they are tested against gravity and heavy weights.

Despite the high price tag, the Teeter EP-650 counts with a massive fanbase, supporting the product and backing up its effectiveness and quality. With a 5-year full warranty, it’s hard to not trust on it.

One of the things users highlight about this inversion table is its extraordinary design. Beyond the high quality materials which seem to be really durable so far, the product itself looks amazing. The design is attractive and the charcoal frame can catch the users’ attention since the very first moment. Buyers have claimed that the promise of an easy setup exceeds the expectations, having to invest less than an hour to have the inversion table fully working.


  • Superb design
  • A huge fanbase supports the product’s effectiveness and quality
  • High-quality materials for extraordinary durability
  • 5-year full warranty
  • A maximum weight capacity around 300 pounds
  • Cutting-edge rotating and lock-up mechanism


  • The price of the base model could result too high


Ironman Gravity 4000 Review

We can say that the Gravity 4000 is one of the direct rivals of the Teeter EP-650. This product can provide satisfying results in exchange of a smaller investment. Ironman Fitness is a company dedicated to multiple aspects of the active lifestyle business. This means that it isn’t dedicated like Teeter to make inversion tables.

Nevertheless, the Gravity 4000 is a great product we cannot simply ignore. This inversion table is made of high-grade steel, PVC, and foam. As you can see, it isn’t sexy as our first alternative but if you don’t care about it, you may be easily saving some money.

Once installed, this inversion table is just as solid as its more expensive competitor. But something many users highlighted about this model over the Teeter one is that the ankle support is way more comfortable. This is something important to consider because the inversion tables must be comfortable and pleasant at all times.

The pivotal mechanism on the Gravity 4000 from Ironman can be seen as primitive, being a steel-to-steel rotating system. This is one of the many points where this inversion table demonstrate why it is cheaper than the first option.


  • A great value for the money
  • High-quality materials for extended durability
  • A maximum weight capacity around 350 pounds


  • The warranty terms aren’t clear
  • Ordinary appearance
  • Archaic rotation mechanism
  • Many customers have claimed a poor packing


Which Inversion Table Is Best for Back Pain?

Let’s remember that both inversion tables are properly designed products with high levels of effectiveness, both things approved by a wide base of customers. Now, the main goal of these inversion tables is to make pain and discomfort disappear through relaxing the tension in the muscles, decompressing the spine, reducing nerve pressure, and rejuvenate discs.

So, which one is best? There is a clear tie in terms of back pain. Both products do their job as expected.

Which Inversion Table Is Best for Tall People?

If we dig into the technical details of both inversion tables, we will see how the maximum tall capacity is 6’6”. Both models can go a little bit further but beyond the 6’6” point, you are only increasing the chances of having problems.

Knowing that both models have the same tall capacity, we cannot do something else than announcing a tie. Nevertheless, we can also say that the Gravity 4000 has a slight advantage with a claimed 350-pound maximum capacity.

Which Inversion Table Is Best for Sit-ups?

The rolling and lock-up mechanism on the Teeter EP-650 is more advanced and modern than the one of the Gravity 4000. This means that people looking for an inversion table to do sit-ups will feel more comfortable and secure on the more expensive alternative. This is one of the many justifications of its price.


The Bottom Line

Both the Teeter EP-650 and the Gravity 4000 are amazing products that are worth the investment. Nevertheless, we must be clear about which is the best alternative for the different profiles out there.

With a higher price tag, the Teeter EP-650 is the best alternative for people willing to pay a little more in exchange of undisputed quality. This is the best of the best and the price is totally justified. Now, if you don’t want to spend that much and receive the benefits anyways, you can go with the Gravity 4000.