Slam Ball vs Med Ball: Which One Is the Best for You?

When it comes to fitness equipment, it is important to make some distinctions and have all the facts straight.

The truth is that we cannot simply use every single piece of equipment in all the disciplines, practices, and workouts we have at hand in the way we please. Some types of equipment are specialized and respond to a particular, already defined use. No more than that.

In the case of slam balls and med balls, also known as medicine balls, there are some crucial differences we need to have in mind before making a purchasing or defining a training plan.

Knowing the differences is key to make good use of these fantastic accessories. We should pay special attention because this isn’t only affecting the way people train out but also how they spend their money, throwing it into the trash from time to time.

The good news is that we have brought you some useful ideas and insights for you to make the most appropriate choice, one that delivers the best value for your money and represents an outstanding payoff during your training.

First, we are going to describe both types of fitness balls, defining the most relevant differences between them. After that, we are going to dedicate a few more lines to the best uses of these two types, determining how they fit the best, according to your needs.


Slam Ball Basics You Must Know

We have to start with the main similarities and differences the slam ball and the med ball have with each other. As expected, both are available in different weights and sizes, providing a more than a decent range of options.

The lighter ball can be 4 pounds while the heaviest goes beyond 50 pounds. Because of this, both are excellent as companions for many types of exercises. Just by holding it with your hands, you can maximize results during squats.

Besides this, there are no more significant similarities between both types. Now, the differences are way more relevant. First, the slam ball is made for heavy impact over time, while the med ball isn’t.

In fact, quality slam balls are made of a thick rubber shell, ensuring that the stuffed sand will remain inside all the time. Leaks are really hard to occur, only when the slam ball reaches a great degree of damage.

On the other hand, med balls are made of thin rubber, leather, or plastic. Any of these materials do not provide the great resistance of thick rubber, so the med ball isn’t capable of handling high-speed impacts against surfaces. Those who give it this use, do not enjoy the med ball for too much time.

Another big difference is that many med balls include handles for maximum comfort while training, helping people with special conditions to make the exercise without major problems. Regarding this, you will never find a slam ball with handles on it, because it wasn’t made for this kind of movements.


Which Slam Ball Is Best for Throwing?

After analyzing the main characteristics of both types of balls, the undisputed winner here is the slam ball. Actually, the most popular and benefiting exercise you can do with a slam ball is the ball slam. Yes, you read that correctly.

This exercise consists of standing with the feet shoulder-width apart and slamming the ball against the floor with all the speed and strength possible. Thanks to the thick rubber shell that this type of product do enjoy, it isn’t only capable of resisting such heavy use but also provides a little bounce, which is perfect.

The ball slam is an amazing movement to develop strength and train fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are hard to stimulate. The whole core and glutes greatly benefit from this exercise.

The med ball is highly inappropriate for throwing because it would not resist heavy impact and it bounces higher than the slam ball. Some people do use it for training in couples, passing the ball each other, but this doesn’t provide great results.

Which Slam Ball Is Best for Abs?

While the ball slam does provide amazing benefits to the abs, there are other exercises that exclusively focus on this area. A good example of this by using the slam ball is making sit-ups in front of a wall and throwing the ball on the way up, catching it when it bounces.

But the med balls come equally handy to work out the abs, actually. The kneeling partner twist is an amazing example of this but it requires a training partner, of course. The exercise we previously described by using the slam ball and throwing it against the wall is also performed with the med ball.

Because it is hard to determine, we dare to say that both types of balls are extremely helpful when it comes to training the abs.


Which Slam Ball Is Best for Pushups

Both types of balls are widely used to make pushups. By using any of them, we are upgrading the pushup difficulty by a lot, challenging our balance and engaging many other muscles that we normally do not use.

The slam ball, which features a thick rubber shell, is more stable and balanced when we put it on a surface. On the other hand, med balls are harder to maintain still on the same spot. Because of this simple fact, having a medicine ball for doing pushups can provide a greater challenge and results.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, slam balls and med balls answer different needs, no matter how similar they are. If you have the money, we recommend you to buy both and giving them the proper use, improving their useful life on the meanwhile.

Only this way you will be more capable of choosing a real winner. Otherwise, it’s hard to determine the best way to train. Use the slam ball for throwing exercises where the ball is going to suffer. If the need is lighter and more subtle, the med ball can be more appropriate.