Roleo vs Armaid – The Best Forearm Massager

There are many reasons why your forearms are in pain. If you fall in the sedentary lifestyle category, things like carpal tunnel many be a determining factor. On the other hand, a fitness routine may be causing pain due to the common physical demand. If we spend our time thinking about the potential reasons to feel such pain and discomfort, we would run out of it and end up without a working solution.

The world is full of miraculous tools to alleviate pain in many levels. Because of the increasing apparition of arthritis and carpal tunnel in our society, these tools are more abundant than ever before. But we need to be extra careful because many of these pseudo-solutions are ineffective and represent less than a placebo.

Editor Choice: Best Forearm Massager

Forearm Massager

roleo forearm massager review The Roleo Forearm Massager is our Editor's choice as the massager for your arms. I used it extensively after my crossfit workouts and it does help to relieve muscle aches. Recommended!

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Thinking about this issue, we bring you two powerful alternatives to forearm pain and discomfort, backed up by the satisfied users: the Roleo and the Armaid. These forearm massagers have the potential qualities to bring results to our lives, alleviating significantly those exhausting pains of the everyday.

In the following lines, we will talk about the reasons why you should invest in a forearm massager, analyzing them, and review our two favorite options, supporting our arguments with the popular criterion.


Why Should You Invest in a Forearm Massager?

As we mentioned before, there are many reasons behind those forearm pains and discomforts. On one side, if we don’t pay too much attention to our fitness conditions and diet, there is a high chance of suffering all kinds of problems. People who spend long hours behind a desk, mainly because of their jobs, suffer from the many consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

This kind of routine affects the organism in many ways. One of the symptoms we can highlight is poor circulation. This quickly leads to pain and discomforting sensations in the limbs. Regarding this situation, circulation can be improved through effective massaging.

We can also mention arthritis-related problems, also linked with a sedentary lifestyle. Suffering from this condition implies intense discomfort in joints and bones, including those in the wrist. Here, massages can improve the situation greatly.

Now, for those people who are fitness enthusiasts, forearm pain can also be an issue. After demanding workouts, muscles all over the body may be sore; muscle fibers become damaged and the recovery is always painful. The tension created may be alleviated with good, targeted massages.

A great amount of this tension focuses the forearms, which are constantly active during workouts. In order to boost recovery, dissipate any discomfort, and get back on track for more workouts, a therapy method must take place.

Both scenarios demand an actionable, accessible solution. This may be a forearm massager that provides real therapeutic effects. These devices are affordable and are design based on real medicine findings, allowing users to treat their forearms’ pain at home. Beyond that, hands, wrists, and elbows can also be benefited from its use, depending on the product model.



Now we will review the two favorite alternatives we have. At the end, you will be the only judge but we’re going to provide you great insights about both products. This is going to be especially helpful for those users who previously ignored the existence of this kind of products.


Roleo Deep Tissue Massager Review

roleo forearm massager reviewThe Roleo Deep Tissue Massager, commonly known as Roleo, is a straight-forward product for home massaging of our hands, wrists, and forearms. The design emulates a mechanical arch with two rollers. These rollers are based on a trigger point therapy technology that aims key sectors for enhanced results.

This product has a solid base, granting full stability on a surface during its use. The manufacturer makes a special mention to users with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a common condition these days. If you have a desk job, using a PC for many hours, the mouse could be causing you this, so be aware.

You can place it on a desk at home or in the office, allowing you a quick therapeutic session every day.


  • Lightweight and compact product to take anywhere
  • Applies enough pressure to people with small hands and thin arms
  • The well-designed base allows safe placement on any stable surface
  • The rollers aim the right points for major tension release and pain reduction


  • Muscular users expressed poor results due dimensions
  • Plastic construction


Armaid Review

armaid forearm massager reviewIf you want to go all in and get the most professional alternative we have at hand, the Armaid is the right option. Of course, this product is significantly more expensive than the first entry in our article. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons for this.

The Armaid has a highly complex design for maximum capabilities. The standard rollers are fully adjustable and can also treat the arm up to the triceps, which is amazing for fitness enthusiasts.

In comparison with the Roleo, this one works notably different. The Armaid must be attached to the other arm, which has to be firm during use. The width of the forearm massager is totally adjustable, so muscular people will have no problems.


  • Top-quality materials are used in its construction
  • Adjustable width for maximum customization
  • The standard rollers can be upgraded by others being sold by the manufacturer
  • Experienced users reported increased precision
  • Product with professional grade


  • Way more expensive that the Roleo
  • Using it attached to the other hand may cause inconvenience to some users


The Bottom Line: Who is the Winner?

There is a great gap between the Roleo and the Armaid. They seem to fall into different categories. Nevertheless, both products are forearm massagers. The main difference resides the kind of customer they are trying to satisfy.

The Roleo is the undisputed winner for users with a tight budget and starting in this therapeutic world. It comes really handy, especially for thin and regular people. On the other hand, the Armaid is a more professional alternative, with a much higher price but more features.

If we compare them directly, there is no way to declare a fair winner.