Need a Boost? Try These Best Testosterone Booster for Crossfit

We all know how demanding Crossfit can be for both mind and body. This is a quite extreme fitness practice that is far away from losing popularity. More and more people are joining it every day, so it has become a common need to overcome the main difficulties and go beyond the limitations they imply.

For both men and women, a good way to do this is by taking a testosterone booster, exponentially increasing their energy levels, enhancing muscle growth, and bringing many other benefits that are usually overlooked by athletes, especially when we limit ourselves to be enthusiasts and hobbyists.

In the following lines, we will talk about the criteria we should know before choosing a testosterone booster for Crossfit, some of the best alternatives in the market, and a sincere conclusion for those who want more insights.


Testosterone Booster for Crossfit Reviews

High T Black Hardcore Formulation Testosterone Booster Review

High T Black testosterone booster reviewWhen it comes to testosterone booster supplements in pills, High T Black is one of the absolute best. For Crossfit athletes, it must be used as a pre-workout supplement. High T Black includes fenugreek, which is an eastern plant that provides weeds and seeds rich in nutrients that boost testosterone, also implying the natural base of this product.

Along with its “Made in the USA” label, High T Black promises great benefits to all customers, mainly in form of enhanced muscle building, increased energy and sex drive. A good thing is that they offer a refund warranty if nothing happens, which is good to know.


  • Formula based on natural ingredients
  • Backed up by happy customers
  • Made in the USA
  • Offer a full refund in case of dissatisfaction


  • Comes in a limited 30-day supply presentation
  • Some customers reported a strong urine smell after taking the supplement


Old School Labs Vintage Boost Wave-Loaded Testosterone Booster Review

test builder testosterone booster reviewIf you like those manly-and-vintage products that are on the rise right now, you will love the Vintage Boost Wave-Loaded testosterone booster from Old School Labs. This supplement brand tries to market hard those customers focused on the good ol’ manly ways to become bigger, stronger, and more vigorous.

Another strong point of the Vintage Boost supplement is that it brings fat burn and sexual performance on the table, as main two main priorities. Of course, for Crossfit athletes it remains as an extraordinary alternative, pushing energy levels up and helping muscle recovery and growth.


  • The brand has a solid name in the American market
  • A different alternative, contrasting with the many supplements we are used to
  • Veggie formula that leaves anything artificial behind
  • Great support from customer base


  • Nothing we can highlight as negative


Builder Nutrition Test Builder Testosterone Booster Review

vintage boost testosterone booster reviewOur final pick in testosterone booster supplements for Crossfit has to be Test Builder. This is a more recent product but customers are delighted with its quality, effectiveness, and natural-based formula. Among the ingredients, we can find the always-mighty Panax ginseng, Tongkat Ali root powder, and animal extracts for increased potency.

The presentation of the Test Builder seems to be more serious, professional, and scientific, which is a strong point in its favor. The product focus on more and faster results when it comes to training, being especially handy for those who chose Crossfit.


  • Excellent presentation
  • Includes Panax ginseng in its fully-natural formula
  • Builder Nutrition offers a refund policy


  • It’s a recently launched product, so customer reviews aren’t abundant


Buying Guide: What You Need to Know?

When the time of choosing a testosterone booster comes, there are many different things to look out. First, investing in this kind of supplement doesn’t have any logic if you don’t know what it can do for your health.

Testosterone boosters are extremely helpful and many of their benefits are:

  • Stimulate the natural production of testosterone in the body
  • Increase energy levels
  • Enhance good mood and stress control
  • Boost the natural fat burning process
  • Enhance lean muscle mass building by improving protein synthesis
  • Increase physical strength
  • Increase blood flow
  • Fortify the immune system
  • Boost sex drive and libido levels
  • Increase quality of sleep
  • Reduce bad cholesterol in blood

In addition, we must mention that testosterone is responsible for muscle creation, sex drive and erections, fighting cortisol (A.K.A. “The Stress Hormone”), good performance of many cognitive functions (including concentration and focus), both physical and mental stamina, oxygen flow, and much more.

Now, it’s time to consider which ones are the most relevant features in a good testosterone booster supplement. Here are the criteria:

  • Natural Formula: Those T-boosters with chemical ingredients do more harm than good. You need to avoid those and choose only the natural-based formula. Another reason to follow this advice is that research has demonstrated that natural-based testosterone boosters are more effective within the organism, bringing results faster.
  • Tested Ingredients: Even when you choose natural-based products, you need to check the studies behind every single element present in the formula. This kind of information is important to actually know how the product will affect the body and what you could expect.
  • Customer Reviews: As always, it would be wise to hear what other customers have to say. Those who already tried a testosterone booster could give you a very handy and valuable insight about its effectiveness. At the end, a company can invest a lot of money to tell a lie. Then, only the customers can give a trustworthy opinion.

Knowing these relevant insights about testosterone boosters, we can proceed with some of our favorite products in the market.


The Bottom Line

Choosing the right testosterone booster for Crossfit is not easy. In fact, choosing any supplement isn’t. We all are different, both physically and mentally. Because of this, we must dare to try the alternatives at hand.

Our final recommendation is to research a little bit about the product you liked the most above. We can also say that the Old School Labs product seems extraordinary and worth your attention if you want to take your Crossfit performance over the expectations in a manly fashion. For other supplements, check out our guide on the best crossfit protein powder recommendations and best crossfit recovery drink.