Hang Upside Down Boots – Which is the Best?

In my article on hanging sit ups, I briefly mention about hang up side down boots, more commonly known as anti gravity boots. Since then, there has been a couple of readers asking for my opinion on what I think are the best gravity boots. Rather than replying them individually, I thought an article will be more beneficial to the rest.

As to the reasons for buying this piece of gear, it is usually for back pain or spinal decompression. Hanging upside down using boots can help to stretch out your spinal cords that couldn’t be done via any other positions and this helps to both strength and relax the spinal muscles.

With that in mind, what are the top gravity boots to consider?


Hang Upside Down Boots review

In this section, I will be reviewing the top 4 anti gravity boots that have good track records with existing customers. I personally have only tried 2 of them so the rest of the reviews are based purely on online research.


Teeter gravity boots

hang upside down bootsWell liked for its comfort and functionality, the Teeter boots are among the best rated choices in the market. I tried one of these and it was amazing. Before knowing about them, I was doing hanging sit ups mostly using an inversion table. However, I find that the table was rather restricting compared to using these inversion boots.

With these boots, I must admit it demands more from you physically but if you can handle it, there are more options that open up to you. Besides hanging sit ups, you can do hip rotations as well as side to side twisting motions.

For those who are using it to ease back pain, the reviews I have read say that they work wonders. In particular, if you used them for abdominal contractions, they can help to strength your spinal ligaments as well as help to exercise the disc space.  I guess that is why most people feel their backs being relieved once they start to use this on a regular basis.

If you feel pain the first time you are using the boots, it is probably due to your back trying to adjust to the disc being rehydrating but it should get better over time.

In terms of how to use it, the correct way should be to keep the top strap tight while relaxing the lower strap. This combination makes sure that you are safe but still comfortable.

The only downside to this product is the plastic buckle. There have been some feedback that the plastic buckle breaks easily although it is not universal. If that happens to you, simply return it for a new pair.


Body solid gib2 inversion boots review

body solild inversion boots reviewThe Body Solid boots is the second hang upside boots that I got to test and I can feel the difference between this and the Teeter brand. The most obvious was the amount of padding. I feel more comfortable in the Teeter boots because the padding prevent my ankles from rubbing against the non padded part of the boot, which the Body Solid boots don’t. After prolong usage, this can get uncomfortable or even painful.

There is also a weight difference between the 2 models as this one feels a lot of heavier than the Teeter. However, I didn’t put them on a weighing machine so I can’t confirm if this is indeed the case.

In terms of functionality, the body inversion boots work very similar to the Teeter and probably has the same benefits when it comes to strengthening your back and relieving it of pain.

Finally, the Body Solid boots had the same issue with the plastic covers as the Teeter. There was some complaints about them on Amazon, saying they broke after 1-2 usage. Fortunately, only a very small minority experience that so it might a batch production flaw.


Goliath gravity boots review

goliath gravity boots reviewGoliath Lab boots is a newcomer to the world of hang upside down boots. The best thing about them is the price as they are probably the cheapest inversion boots in the market today (I compared normal retail prices, without any store discounts and such).  The downside to the price is the lack of instructions on how to use it. You are probably better off looking at youtube videos for help LOL.

Since I have not tried personally, I can’t compare it to the two models. Some reviews I read mention that they don’t feel sturdy although there is no way to know this in relative terms. The good news is there is also a lot of positive news saying that this works. They might not be the most comfortable but they can support the weight and doesn’t snap.


Missyee inversion boots review

missyee inversion boots reviewFirst of all, the name is cute as it doesn’t like a sports brand at all. I mean, which fitness brand you know calls itself Missyee? Despite the interesting name, its boots are actually quite well received if you go by the reviews on Amazon.

From what I can read, there isn’t much complaints about these boots. The thick padding provided the users with lots of comfort and there is no complaint of anything falling off or snapping.

The prices for Missyee is not as low as Goliath Labs but it is pretty close. If you are looking for a cheaper pair of gravity boots with solid reviews, this pair probably is what you are looking out.


Inversion table vs inversion boots

A big question that most people have is about the difference between inversion table vs inversion boots.

  • Number of exercises: The inversion table is more limited as you can do mostly abdominal based workouts. If you are using the boots, you can get to exercise your hips and lateral muscles.
  • Storage: The boots are much easier to store and takes up less space than an inversion table. Ideal for a small apartment owner.
  • Cost: A pair of inversion boots cost about less than half of what an inversion table will set you back for.
  • Assembling: This is not required for boots and is a must for the table



A pair of hang upside down boots go a long way to providing you with back relief and muscle relaxation. If you have not try it before, I suggest you do yourself a favor and see how good the feeling can be.