Guide to the Best Hanging Sit Ups Pull Up Bar

Pull-ups bars are getting more and more popular every day. This piece of equipment provides amazing convenience, allowing people to do pull-ups indoors and without demanding a special tower, which takes plenty of space and cost a lot more.

But the pull-up bar has been used for many other productive purposes as well. A good example of this are the hanging sit-ups. Fitness enthusiasts do love this exercise because the resistance created by gravity itself can boost exponentially the results of the workouts and make massive gains to come sooner than expected.

For those who doesn’t know this exercise, the hanging sit-up is like the regular sit-up (or crunch) but hanging upside down, holding your body with the legs on the pull-up bar. Some people use gravity or hanging up side boots to attach their feet to the bar but this is not necessary. You can always hang with the back of the knees.

Now, which is the best hanging bar for sit-ups in the market? Hard to tell. Many great options are available at great prices. In the following lines, we will talk about our best alternatives and get a practical conclusion.


Hanging Sit Up Pull Up Bar Reviews

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up Rack Review

Teeter Hanging Sit up pull up bar reviewThe Teeter EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up Rack is simply amazing as a door frame hanging bar for sit-ups. It’s made of high-quality steel and plastic, guaranteeing great durability even for heavy-weight users. On the other hand, users can be sure about the integrity of their doorframes because it includes protective door savers.

If you want to use gravity boots to make easier your training, Teeter Hang Ups have thought already about it and the design allows a comfortable use of them. And for those afraid users, there is a 5-year guarantee that demonstrates its great quality.

Another great thing we noticed about the way this company markets the EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up Rack is that they claim that people can use it for many other purposes, like equipping it with a punch bar.


  • High-quality steel and plastic for extra durability
  • Really easy mounting without any hassle
  • Gravity boots-friendly
  • A maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Great price tag
  • Includes a training DVD


  • Could be more physically attractive


YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze Door Frame Bar Review

Yogabody hanging sit up pull up bar reviewThere is not a more straightforward alternative than this one. YOGABODY gives us a doorframe-mounted hanging sit-up equipment piece with an easy install and promising durability. The design cannot be simpler. Yet, we are getting a long-lasting, totally functional product.

Instructions and all the necessary elements for installation are included as well. This way, buyers don’t have to go out for extra purchases. But one of the things we must highlight about this bar is that it can be removed from the installed mounts. This way, the only thing that must remain attached to the frame are the small mounts, not the bar itself.


  • Really high weight capacity, up to 300 pounds
  • Super affordable
  • As a doorframe-installed bar, it can be mounted and dismounted without efforts


  • It requires an invasive installation, something most people don’t like
  • Demands a sturdy doorframe as a result


Buying Guide: What to Look For

When it comes to choosing the best hanging bar for sit-ups, there could be some confusion. These bars come in many different models, making us think about which one actually suits our needs. But don’t panic: in the following lines, we’ll talk about the available models and the ones that actually can work for our purposes.

The criteria for buying a hanging bar for sit-ups is quite limited. Basically, we must focus on the different types, which have clear distinctions between them.

  • Door Frame Leverage Pull-Up Bar: This may be the most common type of pull-up bar all around the world. While the design is quite smart and guarantee full grip and zero risks, it’s straightforward and the only particular thing it demands are quality materials. This pull-up bar generates pressure on both sides of the door frame. It’s easy to mount and dismount, being really practical. Totally suitable for a hanging sit-up equipment as well.
  • Telescopic Door Frame Pull-Up Bar: This type of hanging bar has a twist-like mechanism that allows the extension of the bar to adjust itself to the door frame. Within the product, multiple bearings make the mechanism work, compacting or elongating the fixing cups at both ends. These bars are safe when properly installed but many users could have doubts about hanging themselves upside down.
  • Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar: If you are open to the idea of installing something onto a wall at home, you may like this type. The wall mounted pull-up bars are the safer, sturdier bet. You will not find a stronger alternative and it’s totally suitable as hanging sit-up equipment. The only thing you need is a brick wall.
  • Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar: Again, if you are willing to install something permanent at home, this is your best option. Being installed on a suitable ceiling, this hanging bar for sit-ups provide full safety and the sturdiness we would like.

Other interesting criteria we should pay attention to is the maximum weight capacity, quality materials, soft grip, and any other extra features we could find in the product. We’ll have a good example of this while reviewing the following alternatives.


The Bottom Line

The two products we previous reviewed are very different from each other. As you can see, the EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up Rack provides more convenience, being a door frame leverage bar. This means that you can mount it or store it at any moment. On the other hand, the Naturals Yoga Trapeze Door Frame Bar from YOGABODY requires an installation but is way cheaper.

Both products are great as a hanging bar for sit-ups, so you perfectly can choose between these two suitable styles.