Gravity Boots vs Inversion Table

So you are as tall as Kanye West and wish to be like Wiz Khalifa, and you are stuck at choosing which to purchase between the two growth enhancement culprits, gravity boots and inversion table. I once was in that state and decided to purchase both. The good news is, you don’t have to be me because I am going to compare both devices so you can make your choice on which to purchase.

The both devices are exceptionally great devices that do just what they claim but in different ways.  The choice of which to use is as tough as having to choose either Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Having tried both equipment’s, I’ll be brief about their differences and similarities.


Method To Use

Although they have the same purpose, their method of use is very much different. While gravity boots latch onto your ankles tightly and help you remain balanced while hanging inversely, inversion table works quite similarly. In inversion tables, you place your feet in the footrest and secure it firmly following your tables direction, the difference between inversion table and gravity is in the fact that inversion tables provide support for your back and can be rotated to suit your taste while gravity boots keep you hanging like a bat.


Fitness Benefits of Gravity Boots and Inversion Table

The fitness benefits of gravity boots and inversion tables are highly similar, these benefits include;

  • Combating Back Pain: Gravity boots and inversion table are very useful for eliminating back pain. They are, in my opinion, they most effective treatment for back pains. By allowing you hang inversely, your back is opened up; this allows everything in your body to relax. In a relaxed state, the stress in the muscles of your backs is greatly reduced. It also eliminates acute pain in your back.
  • Stress Reduction: Immediately you adjust to hanging inversely, you begin to feel the relaxing benefits which usually occurs after a minute of staying in that position. Being able to stay in an inverse position helps to put your mind and body at ease.
  • Skin Improvement: With an increase in oxygen-rich blood flowing to your head and face, you would notice a clearer skin and fewer facial wrinkles.
  • Posture: taking advantage of the basic strengthening exercises while hanging inversely and you will notice an improvement in your pose.


Disadvantages of Gravity Boots and Inversion Table

The following are a few disadvantage of gravity boots and inversion tables;

  • They both take a while to get used to
  • The gravity boots do not offer you any suspension benefit, one snap of your boots, and you’re susceptible to breaking your neck
  • If you are cramped for space, you might want to consider gravity boots as they take up less space. Inversion tables take up a lot of space and are very hard to store.


Purchasing Cost

With the global economic meltdown, you might want to cut your coat according to your cloth. The average cost of an inversion table hovers around the $150 mark while that of gravity boots hovers below $80 so you can decide which you can afford without having to sell a kidney.