Five of the Best Beginner Crossfit Workouts for Overweight People

CrossFit is a high intensity sport, which involves fun, fast paced gym based exercises and workouts. Yes, it is a serious sport for some, but it is also growing in popularity nationally as the best way to get in shape, improve health, and lose weight.


What about Weights?

Yes, CrossFit does involve lifting heavy weights, but don’t let them intimidate you; they will only make you stronger. There are loads of specific workouts that aren’t timed and instead focus on helping newbies get accustomed to the heavy lifting element of the sport by learning technique, and how much weight can be moved safely.


Can overweight people do crossfit?

If you are wondering whether overweight peopled can do CrossFit too, then wonder no more! What is great about CrossFit is that is can work for anyone, and I mean anyone! All the workouts can be scalable to individual fitness levels, and abilities. So CrossFit really shouldn’t be scary, even if you are seriously out of shape.

In order to kick start your path to health and fitness give CrossFit a go! No matter how unfit or fat you are- CrossFit is for you! I am not going to lie, CrossFit is hard, but if you are serious about getting fit and healthy, then as long as you do the best that you can in every session, you will achieve great things! Yes your muscles WILL get sore, you WILL sweat…alot, and it will be HARD, but, you CAN do it!

Here are 5 awesome workouts for CrossFit for overweight men and women:


Workout 1

This workout is a great one to start your CrossFit journey off with if you are badly out of shap. Although it is only 10 minutes long, you will be grateful it isn’t longer. As a beginner, your body won’t be used to the amount of effort, and endurance needed to complete a longer workout! No matter how tired you are, make sure you really concentrate on your technique. If you feel like your form is deteriorating, it is totally normal, just make sure to make some modifications to the exercises to prevent injury. A great way to modify this workout is by wrapping a resistance band around the pull up bar and your feet- helping you complete the pull ups. Also, if you are struggling with full push ups, then opt for doing them on your knees! As you get fitter you will be able to complete more rounds within the 10 minutes. In order to keep track of your progress keep record of how many rounds you complete!

Here is the workout:

10 minutes, AMRAP (CrossFit lingo for As Many Rounds/ Reps as Possible)

  • 5 pull ups
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 bodyweight squats


Workout 2

This workout is great for helping overweight people to get used to lifting heavy weights- an essential element of CrossFit, and also key to helping to blast that fat! Often, CrossFit lifting sessions are timed, but in order to help you learn how to lift safely and effectively, this workout is not timed. You also shouldn’t try and max out on the weights because that can cause an injury if you aren’t used to the exercise. As staying safe is the number 1 priority in CrossFit, maintaining your form, i.e. your body position and movements, during the exercise, is essential. Therefore, if you aren’t sure how to carry out an exercise, ask someone who can help you! If you train alone or in a commercial gym, then it is a great if you can video yourself doing certain exercises and talking them through with a CrossFitter friend or you could post your video to a CrossFit forum and ask people to comment!

Here is the workout:

  • 5 back squats
  • 3 deadlifts
  • 5 overhead presses

You should do between 3 and 5 sets (depending on your fitness level and ability), with 2 minutes recovery between each set.


Workout 3

Interval workouts are common place in CrossFit, and they are great for building up training endurance. Interval workouts can really help you to stay motivated and working hard for an extended period of time. This interval workout will demand you to push hard for three minutes, and then you will be rewarded with two minutes of rest. The two minutes of rest will unlikely allow you to recover completely; it should allow you to recover enough to allow you to complete a similar number of rounds each set. As you start to get fitter, you can challenge yourself by adding weights, or increasing the number of rounds to 5.

Here is the workout:

Complete 3 rounds of 3 minutes with 2 mins rest between sets. You should aim to do AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of the following:

  • 15 sit ups
  • 15 lunges


Workout 4

This decreasing rep workout may not sound hard, but just wait until you get down to the 9 rep round- it will feel just as hard as the 21 rep round! If you need to break the workout down further to give yourself more recovery, particularly if you are out of shape, or a complete newbie, then by all means go ahead! Don’t feel ashamed- remember that maintaining form is key. To break the session down, aim to divide it into rounds of 3, i.e. 21 rep round would be broken down into 3 rounds of 7, the 15 rep round would be 3 rounds of 5, and the 9 rep round would be 3 rounds of 3.


In this session you should aim to complete 3 round, one of 21 reps, one of 15 reps and one of 9 reps. This workout should be completed for time, so keep a note of how long each round takes, and then you can try and beat it next time you do the workout!

  • Burpees
    • Try not to think too much when you do these, and just keep working (it is hard to start again if you stop!)
  • Wall balls
    • Use your hips to throw the ball- not your shoulders (they will get tired far too quick!)
    • Catch and throw the ball at the highest point your hands can reach (maximise exhaustion time)


Workout 5

Running might be daunting if you obese and very out of shape, but it is a key element of getting fit, and mastering the sport of CrossFit! Even though it can take a while to build, endurance is super important both to your health and to your performance. To help you get the most from this workout, I would advise you not to go too fast on the runs- you will only exhaust yourself, and make the next rounds very hard! If you need to modify this workout, for example if your arm strength needs work, then switch the American kettle bell swings for Russian swings, which involve only bringing the kettlebell up to parallel with your shoulder height. Also, you can modify the pull ups by using a resistance band to assist you, or if your strength isn’t quite there yet, then you could do TRX or Ring rows.


For this workout you should aim to complete 3 rounds of the three exercises. This workout is for time- i.e. keep record of how long each exercise takes, and then workout your total time per round, and also for the whole workout. It is a great feeling to be able to smash your previous times when you start getting fitter!

  • 400m run
  • 20 American kettlebell swings
    • Swing the kettle bell between your legs and continue the swing up overhead
  • 10 pull ups


Every CrossFit workout that comes up in your training schedule can be modified, altered and adapted. Everything from number of reps to weights and workout time can all be changed to allow out of shape or overweight beginners to safely carry out every CrossFit session. It is important to remember that you have to work your way up in this sport. It is all about working out, improving your own fitness and reaping the benefits in terms of massive gains in strength, health and fitness! In order to get the most from your workout, you should focus on getting better each and every time you hit the gym, whether that be in terms of technique, weight lifted or number of reps completed. Once you start your CrossFit journey, you won’t ever look back!