Crossfit vs MMA Shorts

Using the most appropriate clothing for every single fitness discipline is always a good idea. In this particular case, not all types of shorts are comfortable or flexible enough for all the activities out there, especially during Crossfit workouts. That’s why there are always ongoing developments to improve the clothes we choose for the different fitness disciplines.

Thinking about this matter, today we are going to talk about Crossfit vs MMA shorts and how we feel about them. We dare to say that this is unexplored soil. Even in these days of information surplus, few people have cared about this matter, neglecting any explanation about which are the differences between both types of shorts and which one is more appropriate for Crossfit training.


What Can We Say About Crossfit Shorts?

Oddly, Crossfit still doesn’t have a mainstream type of shorts that everyone should use. While the most common type is the board short, Crossfit enthusiasts often choose what they suit them best, both in comfort and appearance.

Please, take into consideration that Crossfit workouts demand the athlete to enjoy the maximum range of motion possible, uninterruptedly allowing easy movement all the time. Workouts involve high-intensity exercises like squats, deadlifts, cleans, and sprints, so complete flexibility is a must.

Board shorts have demonstrated their value for Crossfit training. Nevertheless, some fabrics can be way too rigid and make things more difficult than they should. We can actually see how some board shorts can mess up with the athlete’s knees, creating complications during the workout.

There are some Crossfit-exclusive shorts around but they still don’t have the popularity they actually deserve. In the case of women, we often see how they use bike shorts and leggings, which offer great flexibility.


What Can We Say About MMA Short?

While MMA shorts are not actually designed for Crossfit training, they offer outstanding features that we cannot simply ignore. Also known as fight shorts, this piece of clothing provide maximum mobility and comfort, sacrificing nothing in the process.

MMA shorts go from loose to extremely fit, sometimes looking like leggings. Nevertheless, they offer extraordinary breathability and fast drying, leaving the sweat behind.


The Comparison

If you look out for the best Crossfit shorts available in the market right now, you will probably find a list filled with several MMA shorts alternatives. The great versatility this type of short offer, put them in the lead when it comes to Crossfit equipment. Even big brands like Reebok, cannot compete with classic MMA shorts.

Nevertheless, Crossfit shorts are slowing gaining more ground. Because MMA shorts have been always around, they enjoyed more popularity in comparison with the relatively new Crossfit-exclusively shorts.

If we need to define key points of comparison between the most common shorts for Crossfit training, which is the board shorts, and the MMA shorts, these would be the following:

  • Board shorts’ fabric is usually more rigid while MMA shorts are always more flexible.
  • Board shorts have longer legs, messing up with the knees during training, while the fight shorts are always shorter, enhancing the range of motion.
  • Board shorts’ fabric usually last longer to dry the sweat while MMA shorts are actually made to keep themselves dry, even in the toughest conditions.
  • Board shorts feel more spacious and fresh while MMA shorts are smaller, representing a problem for those who prefer comfort and space.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best Crossfit short, it will depend on how you feel more comfortable. Of course, we must recommend you MMA shorts for, at least, taking a sneak peak of the experience.

While these fight shorts are more expensive, they can easily become the way to go. Then, if you feel trapped or suffocated, the best alternative is to look for bigger board shorts or Crossfit shorts with special designs.