Best Crossfit Protein Powder Recommendations

If you are practicing Crossfit without the proper protein powder supporting your nutrition, you may be missing a lot. This discipline is both highly demanding and rewarding for those athletes who takes it seriously.

But the body needs the right nutrients in order to develop more muscle and strength during training. And most of the time, diet alone isn’t enough to supply the organism all the key elements to recover after every workout and grow bigger.

Your duty is to maintain a constant, non-stop supply of the best nutrients you can find. That’s why we will recommend you three of the best Crossfit protein shake in the market.

We will talk about the most important things we should look at when choosing a product. Then, you will enjoy a more demanding review in other to give you the key insights about each Crossfit protein shake.


Editor Choice: Crossfit Protein

Best Protein Shake for Crossfit

ABD crossfit bag review The Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard is our Editor's choice as the best crossfit protein drink. I have good results drinking this, and this is seen in many other consumers. Best of all, it actually tastes good so that increases your chances of staying with it.

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Protein Buying Guide for Crossfit Athletes

Choosing the right protein supplementation isn’t an easy task. There are so many brands and products on the market, making it an overwhelming search for most people.

In order to find a good product, suitable for our needs, there are some criteria when it comes protein powder. Fortunately, we can break down the most important factors during our research and highlight what we truly want.

  • Protein Type: The most relevant factor when our search begins is the type of protein we want. The options are quite abundant: whey, casein, soy, blends, and whey hydrolysates. All these types have big differences among them, mainly in terms of digestion speed.
  • Yield: It’s important to pay attention to the percentage of protein obtained per serving. This will determine the value of the product, because the higher the yield is, the more protein we are getting with each serving.
  • Flavor: This may seem irrelevant but the flavor is really important for people who want to maintain consistency in their nutrition. How a Crossfit protein shake taste may affect your routine for the rest of the day. There are products in the market that can leave you with an awful taste in the mouth, taking away from you any intention of eating something else.
  • Trustworthy testimonials: What we truly need is a protein powder that delivers results. But the Internet is full of unconvincing reviews from people who doesn’t have a clue. Some of those reviews are even paid by the manufacturer. We need to look for valid results and some proofs about the protein’s reliability.

Knowing what to look for can be handy when we are facing hundreds of alternatives. Now, we are going to show you three products we love and a brief review of them, pointing out their pros and cons.


Top 3 Crossfit Protein Shakes Reviews

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard review

optimum-nutrition-white-chocolate-reviewThe 100% Whey Gold Standard is one of the most popular and commercially successful protein powders in the market right now. This has a reason to be, of course. Optimum Nutrition has created a whey protein isolated mix with BCAAs and glutamine for maximum muscle recovery and building.

This amazing protein powder is available in many presentations with more than 25 flavors and 8 sizes. We recommend you to stick with traditional flavors and choose the 2 or 5 pounds size.

Nevertheless, when it comes to buying 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition, we have to be careful. Because of the great popularity of this product, there are a lot of fake units being sold online. This fake powder could be counterproductive and even dangerous for our health. In order to avoid this, we must order it from reliable sources.

Another good observation on this product is that the formula was recently updated. This caused great controversy among recurrent users. The original formula was sweetened by evaporated cane juice, now replaced by sugar. For many, this was a great problem.


  • Ideal if you want to build muscle
  • Massive fan base backing up good results
  • Whey protein isolate mix that also includes BCAAs and glutamine
  • Many presentations to choose from
  • Residue-free preparation
  • Most flavors available are actually delicious


  • Recent transition from natural to sugar-based
  • High price in comparison with similar products
  • Plenty of fake units in the market


Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder Reviews

orgain-organic-plant-based-protein-powderIf you are looking for a more natural Crossfit protein shake, this could be the way to go. The Organic Plant Based Protein Powder from Orgain is a greener alternative to all those products in the market. It is super safe to use, beinggluten-free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, and soy-free.

This product is being used by people who needed to invigorate themselves with a more natural formula. As a Crossfit athlete, you can benefit a lot from this, having more energy and a lighter stomach during training. In fact, mixing this protein powder in coffee can be a great way to boost energylevels for demanding Crossfit sessions.

We also recommend this Orgain product to people who suffer from different food allergies. For them, any complex formula from regular protein powders could be reactive and counterproductive. This product guarantees a safe use, even for those users with health conditions.

According to trustworthy reviews of the product, the Organic Plant Based Protein Powder from Orgain is the cleaner presentation in the whole organic fitness market. It doesn’t neglect protein quality or concentration in order to become healthier. Instead, the formula is powerful and safe the way it is.


  • Ideal if you want to build muscle while losing weight
  • A great customer base supports the product
  • High-quality protein from truly organic sources
  • Perfect for people with health conditions


  • Improvable taste
  • Could affect intestinal performance, generating gas


BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder Review

bsn-syntha-6-protein-powderWith a notable fiber and BCAAs concentration per each serving, SYNTHA-6 from BSN is one of the best products in the market. If you are looking for a reliable Crossfit protein shake, this can be the one for you, providing the most benefits. Its casein form guarantees a day-long absorption of nutrients.

SYNTHA-6 is well-known for its delicious flavor and powerful muscle building properties. Also, this product included a favorable amount of carbs, which is both useful for healthy muscle building and as an energy source during intense training sessions.

Also, you can mix this protein powder in coffee and enjoy a great shake. This is something, according to most users, you cannot do with other products.


  • High-quality protein for muscle building
  • Includes fiber, BCAAs, and carbohydrates in the formula
  • The most delicious protein powder in the market, according to the customer base
  • Casein content helps with appetite control


  • Corn syrup solid and soy lecithin could be seen as highly negative ingredients
  • Some residue after preparation


The Bottom Line

Choosing the right Crossfit protein shake demands patience, research, and some testing. Here you have three of the best alternative available in the market but they could not be totally compatible with your body.

The only way to actually knowing what will work is by testing them. Use our reviews in order to identify what the best product is according to your needs and start using it during your Crossfit training.

After a few weeks, you’ll be capable of determining how effective these protein powders are. It’s needless to say that you will be the best judge.