Crossfit Bootcamp Workouts

There are some Crossfit workouts that can be made to be suitable for a bootcamp, especially if it’s a bootcamp with more advanced participants. A modified Crossfit workout is a great way to challenge bootcamp participants and motivate them to continue improving. Since Crossfit workouts almost always involve timing, doing a modified Crossfit workout will provide a way to measure bootcamp participants’ progress over time.

Here are a few Crossfit workouts that can be made appropriate for bootcamps.


#1: Murph

Traditionally, it involves a 1 mile run, then 100 pullups, then 200 pushups, and then 300 squats, followed by another 1 mile run. As we can see, the average bootcamp participant will most likely run away if they are faced with that. However, decreasing the number of repetitions to make it more manageable will allow the bootcamp participants to get a taste of Crossfit. One way it can be modified is that instead of a 1 mile run, have the participants do a half a mile run to start with. Then, instead of 100 pullups, have them do 25. Rather than doing 200 pushups, do 50. Finally, instead of 300 squats, get the participants to do 75. Lastly, finish with a half a mile run. It still follows the same pattern and can still be timed without intimidating the bootcamp participants.


#2: Fran

In Crossfit, to complete a Fran W.O.D., you must do the following as fast as you can: 21 barbell thrusters, then 21 pullups, then 15 barbell thrusters, then 15 pullups, then 9 barbell thrusters and then, finally, 9 pullups. In a bootcamp, you can do 21 burpees, followed by 21 squats. Then, 15 burpees followed by 15 squats. Finally, finish off with 9 burpees followed by 9 squats. As you can see, the bootcamp version of Fran is much easier than the Crossfit version. There is an endless number of simple bodyweight exercises that you can substitute to create your own version of the bootcamp Fran.


#3: Helen

This is another Crossfit workout that requires you to complete three rounds as fast as possible. Traditionally, in Crossfit, you are have to do the following: a 400m run, followed by 21 kettlebell swings and then 12 pullups. This workout is relatively simple and can easily be adapted in order to be more appropriate for a bootcamp setting. To start, do a 400m run. Then, instead of doing 21 kettlebell swings, do 21 jump squats and if you can’t do jump squats then do regular bodyweight squats. Lastly, finish off with 12 inverted rows instead of doing pullups. You can still complete three rounds of the aforementioned.


#4: Cindy

In Crossfit, you have 20 minutes to do as many rounds of the following as possible: 5 pull ups, 10 pushups and 15 squats. In a bootcamp, you can give the participants 10 minutes to do as many rounds of the following as possible: 5 inverted rows, 10 pushups and 15 squats.

As we can see, using modified Crossfit workouts during a bootcamp makes it both fun and challenging.