7 Must Try Crossfit Back Workout

Having a strong back is very important for every lifter. However, lifters are not the only ones who would benefit from having a strong back. In fact, everyone could improve their back strength. A strong back allows you to live a healthier life and experience less debilitating injuries overtime. It also allows you to do more functional movements that are necessary for daily living.

What is one way to get a stronger back? Crossfit workouts. When done properly, Crossfit has a variety of outstanding exercises that will strengthen your entire body, including your back. However, Crossfit done wrong can be a serious disaster. Therefore, it’s very important to learn proper technique before attempting any exercises, particularly back exercises. (Editor’s note: you might want to check out 10 crossfit team workouts or our ultimate guide to arm crossfit workouts)

Here are some of them:


#1: Back Extension

This exercise is also known as a Hip Extension. When done properly, it will help you strengthen your lower back, which will in turn improve your performance in other lifts. However, when done improperly, you are definitely putting yourself at risk for injury. The primary piece of equipment that’s used during back extensions is a Glute Ham Developer. When you get on the machine, make sure that you’re facing down towards the ground. Also, make sure that your body is parallel to the ground when you are in your starting position. Then, you want to bend at the hips towards the ground until your upper body is perpendicular to the ground. After that, come back up. When performing this move, try to engage your spinal erectors, glutes and hamstrings rather than using momentum. Don’t do it too fast if you are learning the move and don’t come up too far.


#2: Snatch Grip Deadlift

Most of the time, this move is performed on the podium. In addition to developing your traps and upper back, this amazing exercise also helps you develop your glutes and hamstrings. This move can help you improve your overall strength so that you will do better at the conventional deadlifts. Since this move is harder on your upper back, you definitely want to start out with slightly lower weight. First, focus on developing your confidence in the move before you add more weight. Adding too much weight too quickly can definitely cause injuries. Also, you should have the bar close to the shins so that you can have more stability during the lift.


#3:: Pendlay Rows

A Pendlay Row is a form of barbell row. One of the biggest things that’s different about the Pendlay row compared to the standard barbell row is that the lifter returns the bar to the floor after each rep. Another major difference between the two types of rows is that with a Pendlay row, the lifter keeps his or her torso horizontal to the floor. Be sure to keep your lower back in a neutral position in order to prevent injuries. When done properly, the Pendlay Row is a great move that will help you increase your lat strength. This, in turn, will help contribute to improving your performance during kipping pullups and muscle ups.


#4: The Power Clean

The Power Clean is a great full body exercise that also works your traps and deltoids. Prior to increasing the weight when performing the move, it’s very important to learn the proper technique and form. During this move, you also use your back and core to stabilize the spine and prevent injuries. Therefore, you strengthen your back when you engage the aforementioned muscles. When you are performing this move, start out the same way that you would when you are doing a deadlift. Be sure to keep the bar close to your shins. In order to do this move properly, it’s definitely worth getting a Crossfit coach who knows how to perform it perfectly. There is not a lot of room for error in this move.


#5: Kettlebell Swing

It’s a very popular exercise because when it’s done properly, it can help the athlete develop core strength. In particular, lower back strength. Be very careful not to use a heavy weight if this is a new move for you. To start, pick a kettlebell of a reasonable weight for you and place it between your legs. With your feet apart, be sure to keep your knees tracking properly as you bend down to pick up the kettlebell. Then, grip the kettlebell with both hands and stand up straight. In order to get some momentum during this move, you will need to rock back and forth using your hips. Be careful not to just overload your back and don’t try to lift the kettlebell using only your arms. You should be able to get the kettlebell over your head while keeping your arms straight.


#6: Butterfly Pullup

This is definitely a very advanced move. This move targets the latissimus dorsi, which is a very big muscle found in the back. In addition, it requires the use of arm, core and shoulder muscles. Some people feel that this pullup is easier because momentum generated by the lower body helps proper you upwards. To start, swing the hips forward and then back again, while at the same time allowing your legs to swing forward. Then, pull yourself up using your arms and latissimus dorsi as you force your legs downward.


#7: Muscle Up

This move starts out as a pullup and then turns into a dip. It uses all the same muscles that you would be using when doing a pullup, in addition to working your rhomboids. The rhomboids are muscles in the back and quite often go neglected during a workout. This move starts out with an overhand grip in order to make the transition from a pull up to a dip much easier. It’s very important to get the transition right because it can potentially be hard on your wrists.

As we can see, there are quite a few Crossfit exercises that either directly or indirectly target the back. Having a strong back will make you a better athlete, not to mention improve your quality of life.