Can Gravity Boots Increase Height

Who would prefer to be as tall as Kevin Harts’ than be as tall as Dwayne Johnson? Ugh, no one I guess, so I am right when I say everybody wants to grow taller. As harsh as it seems, the truth is some of us are going to be like Messi while others are going to be like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Just when you have accepted your tiny frame, someone comes along and tell you of this wonder boots that can increase your height. Wow, why did I never think of this all along? Wait, what are gravity boots or hang upside down boots? Do they work? Do they have any disadvantage? Are they expensive? You find yourself asking this questions over and over again.

Gravity boots are not boots. Surprised? Please don’t be, gravity boots is simply a term used to refer to ankle supports that are designed to allow you hang upside down. They latch onto your ankles tightly and help you remain balanced while hanging like a bat. It has a protrusion that helps you hang comfortably on a ledge or bar, whether you are in a gym or at home. The image below taken explains how this is achieved better


Do Gravity Boots Increase Height

The answer is YES and NO.  While you may get a centimeter or two of temporary height from using gravity boots, this height would soon diminish during the day. This height is same as the normal 1-2cm you gain when you wake up which also diminishes in the course of the day.


Why Would You Need Gravity Boots

Well, your precious gravity boots aren’t completely worthless. They are pretty much valuable although not for the purpose you acquired them (if you already have them), using gravity boots is very useful if you suffer from back problems. With this boots, you can invert yourself 100%; this helps to increase blood flow to all parts of your body and brain. This helps to relieve back pain and headaches to a great extent.

Another benefit of gravity boots is that it eases the heart, improve your posture and gives you a natural facelift by toning your facial tissues and help to balance the effect of wrinkles, etc. Gravity boots are useful for certain exercises that are beneficial to the body such as crunches and inverted squats that target the legs and abdominal muscles.


Exercises that Can Increase Your Height

According to exercise experts, exercises that target the spine bring the highest success rate regarding height increase. The following are some spine exercises that help to increase height:

  • Stretching: This is perhaps the most accessible and achievable among spine exercises. It requires no equipment and can be done at your pace. About 20 to 25 minutes daily is recommended.
  • Hanging: Who else hung on door post while young till mom began shouting, you may consider taking that serious now, hanging is very useful in decompressing the spine and helps to increase height. No less than 10 seconds should be the duration of a hang, and you can repeat it as long as you like.
  • Swimming: Swimming, especially the breaststroke, helps to lengthen the spine. This is because your legs are always kicking in one direction with your arms stretching towards the opposite direction
  • Raised Bed Bottom: Although not an exercise, it helps to increase your height. By simply sleeping with your bed bottom raised anywhere between 2 to 4 inches, gravity pulls on your spine and stretches it out.