Best Slam Ball for Crossfit

With so many options in the market right now, Crossfit athletes are having a bad time when it comes to choosing the right slam ball. This complement cannot be absence at a modern gym, wherever is the place you go to train or at home. Its value is simply outstanding for the whole Crossfit training.

Crossfit slam ball exercises are simply amazing when it comes to building strength and developing the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are widely responsible for explosive movements during physical activity.

While you should not stick exclusively with only one Crossfit slam ball workout, we recommend you to choose wisely the ball that properly fits your training style and needs before making any purchase.

Big-sized slam balls aren’t exactly cheap, so we recommend you to give it a second thought. Take it with ease and patience.

Fortunately, we have you some great alternative to consider before making your final purchase. Start enjoying the amazing Crossfit slam ball exercises with the support of the best equipment in the market.


Buying Guide: The Criteria You Should Consider

Before reviewing the three amazing slam balls we have for you, we need to have your facts straight. There are some criteria that we need to have in mind when considering the choices we have at hand.

In simple terms, the most relevant criteria regarding slam balls are what has an impact in the way we train. Here you have some good examples of this:

  • Weight: This is the most decisive factor when it comes to slam balls. How much weight the ball is carrying within will determine the resistance and difficulty of every single exercise we execute.
  • Size: Another highly relevant criteria is how big the slam ball is. This will determine how comfortable the exercise will be and allows us to do some movements while keeping others out possibilities.
  • Shell thickness: This factor will be relevant to how resistant the ball will result. Also, this affects the bounce, which should be minimum when it comes to Crossfit slam ball exercises.
  • Warranty: Because we are going to hit hard this piece of equipment, we should have a guarantee that it is going to last. High-quality products do offer warranties because companies are sure these slam balls are going to resist the most savage training.

If we mix these four main criteria in one single product, we have the ideal slam ball for our Crossfit workouts.


Slam Ball Reviews

We know that you want to take the most from every single Crossfit slam ball workout. That’s why we are going to simplify things the most we can for you. We will give you some amazing insights about our three best alternatives in the actual market, along with pros and cons based on the customer base.


Valor Fitness Slam Ball Review

valor-fitness-cross-slam-ball-reviewThe Valor Fitness Slam Ball is a pretty straight-forward model for those who aren’t too picky with the appearance. This model features a thick rubber surface with texture for an improved grip. The black rubber is a little bit glossy and maintains itself pretty clean.

While all the alternatives we present in this article share more or less the same design and appearance, the Valor Fitness Slam Ball has the most ordinary look among the others.

The company is offering nine different sizes of this slam ball for every single kind of Crossfit athletes out there. Available weights range from 10 to 50 pounds. Also, it is one of the cheaper models in the market, offering a great cost-value ratio.

Nevertheless, despite there are a lot of happy people using the Valor Fitness Slam Ball, there are a handful of users reporting weaknesses in the build of the ball, leading to a short useful life and imbalances.


  • The Price: It is one of the cheaper alternatives in the market for slam balls, making it perfect for people who want to start slowly.
  • Textured Rubber: Users reported amazing handling even with sweated hand, thanks to the textured rubber surface.
  • Resistant Against Heavy Use: Despite complaints from a handful of users, the general consensus is that the Valor Fitness products deliver great durability.


  • Unclear Warranty: Valor Fitness doesn’t make too clear the warranty behind its product.
  • Imbalance Over Time: Users reported some problems after a while regarding imbalance.


Rep V2 Slam Ball Review

rep-fitness-cross-slam-ball-reviewYou could perfectly complement your Crossfit slam ball exercises with the Rep V2 product. This slam ball is slightly more advanced than the previous one but, as expected, its price tag is higher.

The Rep V2 Slam Ball has a really thick rubber shell that maintains all the sand in the center of the ball. There is no chance of breaking and making a mess with all the sand. And, in the improbable case of that happening, you can always have an amazing 3-year warranty, going down to 1-year if you are planning to use the ball at a commercial gym.

The same thickness we are talking about before is especially idealized for Crossfit athletes who need the least bounce possible during workouts. Also, the textured rubber delivers an amazing grip.


  • Outstanding Quality: What users praised the most about the Rep V2 product was its build quality.
  • Satisfying Warranty: If you are worried about how much it is going to last, the company have you covered with an amazing warranty.
  • Textured Rubber: Just like before, it provides above-average grip.


  • Pricey: The price is above average.


Plyometric Slammer Slam Ball Review

jumpusa-cross-slam-ball-reviewFinally, the slam ball being sold by Plyometric is our last recommendation for you. This product is at the same price range as the Rep V2 ball but provides a wider array of alternatives when it comes to dimensions and sizes. With 13 different sizes available, going from 4 to 50 pounds, there is much space for everyone to train.

The Plyometric Slammer Slam Ball has the same textured surfaced that the others products have, with a glossy rubber as well. The shell thickness is around 9 inches, so you will probably not need the 3-year warranty.


  • Supreme Variety in Weights: There is a model for every single user out there.
  • Amazing Warranty: Stop worrying, Plyometric have you covered for a few years.
  • Textured Rubber: Again, your training will be secured by the maximum grip possible.


  • Pricey: The price is above average.


The Bottom Line

In order to enjoy a successful Crossfit slam ball workout, you need the best possible equipment out there. So, choosing one of these alternatives comes really handy. Please, take your time to digest the many insights we brought you and choose which one seems like more suitable according to your needs.