Our Picks Of The Best Dumbbells For Crossfit

With so many available dumbbells in the market right now, it could be really hard to make an appropriate choice. Searching can quickly become an overwhelming task, pushing you to buy whatever you find after a couple of minutes. But when it comes to dumbbells for Crossfit, not everything that crosses our path actually works.

We have to be selective and invest only in what can truly satisfy our fitness needs. Crossfit is demanding to our bodies and minds, but also demands reliable equipment to perform properly. There is no middle ground when it comes to Crossfit.

Because of this, we are in great need of top-notch equipment; products that represent reliability during our tough, demanding Crossfit workouts. Fortunately, we have some valuable insights for you to make the most in this difficult task. If you put the time and effort, you will be enjoying Crossfit with the best dumbbells possible.



Crossfit Dumbbell Reviews

CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Review

cap-barbell-rubber-coated-hex-dumbbell-reviewThe best dumbbells for Crossfit aren’t those with the higher price tags or extraordinary designs, but those that provide convenience. In this matter, this CAP dumbbell is just awesome.

It’s really affordable, good looking with its chrome handle, and the hex design offers convenience for storage.


  • Super safe, even during demanding workouts.
  • Offers a durable feel.
  • A superb price.


  • Users have reported a chemical smell coming from the rubber coating.


SPRI Deluxe Rubber Dumbbells Review

spri-deluxe-rubber-dumbbells-reviewAlso with a hex design, the SPRI dumbell product is a more premium alternative. In these dumbbells, we can see how the company pay great attention to details and achieve to deliver a product of great quality.

It feels consistent and durable, with a sturdy, well-balanced chrome handle. Just like the previous model, the SPRI Deluxe Rubber Dumbbells sport a comfortable presentation that allows us to store them easily.


  • Great feel during use, both on durability, safety, and quality.
  • Use of high-quality materials on its construction.
  • A deluxe product in comparison with other models in the crowded market.


  • Users have reported a chemical smell coming from the rubber, also being greasy in a couple of cases.


XMark Fitness Premium Quality Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells Review

xmark-rubber-coated-hex-dumbbell-reviewCrossfit is aggressive and tough, as we told before. We need equipment on the same level. Here, the XMark Fitness dumbbells perform extraordinarily. These dumbbells are the most tough-looking on this article, which is amazing for users who aren’t quite delicate when it comes to working out.

XMark Fitness focused on durability and hardiness, being these dumbbells the result. The company’s promise is that the product will deliver safety during workouts and a long useful life.


  • The needed sturdiness for a really tough Crossfit use.
  • Good value with the promise of a long useful life.


  • Durability in exchange of an ugly design.
  • Users have reported a chemical smell coming from the rubber coating.

Crossfit Dumbbell Buying Guide: Fundamental Criteria

There is not a complex science behind dumbbells. The elements we should look after are really simple and will not steal you too much time. Nevertheless, we are not going to give you a straight answer regarding the criteria, mainly because it will depend on your personal preferences.

Crossfit is really demanding but adaptable. Among the many types of dumbbells, a few of them are appropriate for our heavy metal workouts. Let’s take a look.

  • Fixed Rubber Dumbbells: This type is one of the most popular right now for many commercial gyms because they are more comfortable and convenient to use and store. The weights are wrapped in rubber, which means more security for the user and workout area. You need to be comfortable with its weight because it’s fixed.
  • Fixed Urethane Dumbbells: The same as the previous ones but use urethane (polyurethane) for the coating, being notably more durable, good-looking, and expensive.
  • Fixed Hex Dumbbells: A cheaper alternative with fixed weights and a really attractive appearance for people who don’t care about scratches and making some damage the floor. The hex design of the weights allows a convenient storage, placing one dumbbell above the other.
  • Adjustable Dumbbells: This one may seem highly convenient in terms of storage, being multiple options in one single piece of equipment. But there are other things to consider. Crossfit athletes often skip adjustable dumbbells because they take precious time to set up and are more expensive if you need several of them.
  • Dumbbell Plate Sets: The classic alternative that can be found in traditional gyms. These sets allow the user to set up the exact dumbbell they need but it takes time and, in comparison with the alternative we have right now, they aren’t really inconvenient in terms of storage and safety.
  • Studio Dumbbells: If you are a hardcore Crossfit athlete, you probably ignore what a studio dumbbell is. These are the small, colored dumbbells with little weight, often used along with cardio classes, fully coated. Worth to mention but not eligible for Crossfit purposes.

Now we know the types, let’s proceed with other criteria within our interest.

  • Weight: Crossfit is demanding and hardcore, nothing to do with cardio classes. Here, 10 kg+ dumbbells are a must.
  • Safety Mechanism: Crossfit athletes out there know how rough the workout can be sometimes. Because of this, we need maximum reliability, all the time. Fixed dumbbells are the best option most of the time.
  • Coating: If you practice Crossfit indoors, the coating could come handy in order to protect the workout area.


The Bottom Line

Getting the best dumbbells for Crossfit is not complicated. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of alternatives available, both online and at stores, we must focus on the absolute priorities: durability and hardiness.

This fitness discipline is tough and we will need the highest degree of sturdiness from our equipment, everything in order to remain safe and enjoy a long-lasting product. The dumbbells briefly reviewed before do offer these features, but if you want the most durable option, you must go with the XMark Fitness dumbbells. They may look quite ordinary but provide extra durability.