Best Crossfit Recovery Drink

All of those Crossfit enthusiasts out there, they know pretty well how exhausting this amazing activity can be. We are talking about one of the most demanding fitness disciplines these days. Crossfit athletes are taken to the very limit, both physically and mentally.

Because of these levels of demand, it’s important to rely on the most reliable resources possible, in order to replenish the burned energy and enhance the recovery of the entire body, damaged for good during the workout session. We have already talked about crossfit protein powder recommendations. Today, we will talking about another supplement.

In this matter, having the best Crossfit recovery drink is necessary. These scientifically-engineered cocktails are awesome and represent a fundamental resource for committed athletes who want to improve their training and take their gains to the next level. Because of all the benefits we can find in these products, it’s hard to ignore them.


Best Crossfit Recovery Drink Reviews

You will be the judge while choosing the best Crossfit recovery drink. Not all the products have the same effects on everybody but we decided to choose our favorites, which have a wide acceptance from the public.


Endurox R4 Review

endurox recovery drinkThe Endurox R4 is a heavy-duty recovery drink that is totally based on natural ingredients. This drink aims to provide support to the recovery process while also adding high-quality proteins and amino acids, something that comes really handy. The proteins included are soy and whey.

This company promotes the Endurox R4 as a perfect drink for high-intensity workouts that go beyond an hour. We can say for sure that Crossfit falls in this category.


  • A recovery drink made of natural ingredients
  • Pacific Labs, the company behind this recovery drink, has a great reputation among serious fitness enthusiasts
  • Includes soy and whey protein for maximum post-workout results


  • It’s super easy to mix
  • The lemon taste may be not for everyone
  • More expensive than the competition


First Endurance Ultragen Review

first endurance recovery drink reviewThe First Endurance Ultragen is widely known among fitness enthusiasts, maybe a little more than the Endurox R4. According to the marketing of this product, it features “one of the most advanced recovery formulas ever developed”. The good thing is that many users do believe and back up this statement.

Drinking the Ultragen allows us to improve our recovery process with the use of carbohydrates, protein, glutamine, BCAA, and other amino acids. Users have reported great effectiveness when it comes to recovery, especially when used right after the intense workout, within the 30-minute window.

The most reported effect by the users is thehigh levels of energy they had during the next training, minimizing possible signs of fatigue. It works fast, decreasing muscle pain and allowing complete comfort during workouts.


  • Acclaimed effectivity to boost energy and fight fatigue
  • Slightly more affordable than the Endurox R4
  • Includes proteins and other necessary post-workout nutrients


  • Some users reported a chemical, hard-to-swallow taste in the Tropical presentation


Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1 Recovery Review

optimum nutrition recovery drinkThe last entry on our review list for the best Crossfit recovery drink is the 2:1:1 Recovery by Optimum Nutrition. This brand is behind the best whey protein products in the market, chosen by high-end bodybuilders all around the world. While these products can be expensive from time to time, it’s also possible to get them on a deal.

The name suggests a 2:1 ratio of fast carbohydrates to staged, high-quality proteins. The formula includes powerful amino acids and BCAAs as well, making a complete product for every post-workout. It also includes whey protein isolates and casein, packing an amazing formula for wide results.


  • Undisputed high-quality product from one of the best brands in the market
  • Includes BCAA, whey protein, and casein
  • On the contrary to other products here, it has a good taste


  • The formula includes low-quality carbs
  • Hard to mix


Benefits of the Recovery Drinks for Crossfit

Before reviewing some of the alternatives that could perfectly be considered as the best Crossfit recovery drink in the market, it’s important to understand how these amazing products can actually help us.

There is more than saying that “recovery drinks help us to recover”. We must dig into the details and understand properly how these products can help us to enhance our performance during Crossfit workouts. They are hard and demanding, but these drinks have enough power to give us notable improvements in the short-term.

Now, let’s get into the details. When we train hard, especially with Crossfit, our bodies suffer muscle damage on multiple levels. This leads to glycogen shortage, which is a key element for the recovery of the body. The ability to replenish this nutrient isn’t enough if we train with little rest, every day, which is something common in Crossfit.

But not only glycogen disappear during and after the training. Our bodies quickly become dehydrated as well, which is dangerous and has big negative effects on recovery and overall health. Many of the regular capacities of the organism are less effective then, like protein synthesis, glycogen production, and further muscle recovery.

So, how a recovery drink benefits us?

  • Boosts the recovery process of the damaged muscle fibers during the demanding workout
  • Stimulates the glycogen production in the liver
  • Provides high levels of energy, fighting back any possible signs of fatigue
  • Improves the protein synthesis for a more efficient muscle recovery and building process
  • Provides high-quality, fast-digestion proteins along with highly valuable amino acids


The Bottom Line: Which is the Best Crossfit Recovery Drink

As you can see in this article, every product has its own set of benefits and perks. All of them do an outstanding job enhancing the recovery process, healing the damaged muscle fibers and replenishing the many nutrients spend during the demanding Crossfit sessions, as glycogen.

Nevertheless, every single one answers different needs. The Endurox R4 relies on a natural formula, while the Ultragen is slightly cheaper, great for athletes on a budget. Finally, the 2:1:1 Recovery is the hardcore alternative, more expensive and popular than any others.