Best Crossfit Bags

The search for the best gym bag for crossfit can become never-ending- especially if you are looking for the perfect bag. One bag might have just the right amount of pockets for all your gear but its zippers might not work. Another might be the perfect size, but the wrong colour. As a result, you end up without getting one at all. It is a common problem for many CrossFitters because there are so many different CrossFit bags on the market, each with different features and characteristics. To make the process a little easier, we did the hard work for you and found the best CrossFit bags on the market. So, read on to find out which CrossFit bags are best!


Editor Choice: Crossfit Gym Bag

Best gym bag for crossfit

ABD crossfit bag review The ABD Gym Bag is our Editor's choice as the best crossfit bag. It has more enough pockets to organize everything you have including shoes, crossfit gear and even your handphone. The material used is great and there is even a cooling department for your drinks. Can't get any better than this

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Things to Consider

Before you start your search for a CrossFit bag you need to consider what it is you are really after.

  • Size: Think about what you want your bag to hold. If you only want to carry one pair of shoes, a towel and a drink then you really won’t need to get a massive bag. Whereas if you complete your CrossFit session before work and therefore need to carry a change of clothes and shower stuff, your bag will need to be far bigger.
  • Construction: Depending on how often you will use your bag, and how heavy the kit will be inside, you need to ensure that your bag is made of material that is strong enough to hold it all. You do not want to have a bag that will rip after only one use.
  • Straps: Some bags have straps that are barely strong enough to hold an empty bag, let alone many kg’s of kit, so make sure the bag you select can hold your kit. Also make sure to consider the strap clips as many plastic varieties can snap or bend.
  • Compartments: How much stuff do you want your bag to hold, and do you need it to be kept in separate compartments? If you are an athlete who likes to keep their shoes separate from their shower bag then you should consider getting a bag with different compartments.
  • Pockets: Pockets are great for holding snacks, drinks and straps. Look out for a bag that has enough pockets for all your CrossFit items.
  • Fastenings: Make sure to consider what kind of fastenings will suit your needs. Would Velcro be better than zippers? Buttons better than clips?
  • Colour: We all have our favourite colours and this should be no different when looking for a kit bag. With so many bags out there, there is no reason why you couldn’t find a bag in your favourite colour, or even a bag in a colour that fits your team’s kit.


ABD Gym Bag review

Best gym bag for cross fitFor durability and storage options, the ABD bag is my favorite pick of the bunch.  With 7 compartments and a wide interior, you can organize and store everything neatly, including your shoes and any essential crossfit gear.

What we think is great:

  • Storage: The smart storage is definitely the winning feature here. As you can see from the image, each of its seven compartment are spacious and are designed to hold different sized items, from ropes to gloves to shoes. There is even one pocket for your handphone. Winner!
  • Weather proof bottom: With a gym bag, it needs to withstand rugged use so a weather proof bottom definitely helps, especially on wet surfaces.
  • Built in cooler: Being able to keep your drinks cool for a longer period of time is such a smart idea
  • Strong material: Comparing the material on this bag with the likes of WOD, which is a cheaper option, you can feel the different in the kind of materials used. ABD clearly went for the more pricey but durable material which I think is more value for money in the long run


This is probably one of the rare cases where I can’t find anything to nitpick. Maybe the price can be cheaper? LOL

Seriously though, with such well thought design, backed by the use of quality material and manufacturing, I don’t see a lot of complaints for this.


Fitmark’s Power Duffle review

Fitmark’s Power Duffle reviewThe Fitmark Power Duffle is ideal for commuters who like to carry their life in a bag. This CrossFit bag retails for $89.99.

What we think is great:

  • Size: 12″H x 22″W x 11.5″D
  • Construction: Tough nylon
    • The bag is made from tough ballistic nylon which is strong and withstands a lot of heavy kit.
  • Strap: Made from the highest grade seatbelt webbing
    • Strong and comfortable. No need to worry about the strap tearing whilst on your commute.
  • Compartments: A number of different compartments
    • Ideal for holding laundry and shoes, and keeping them separate
  • Pockets: Interior and exterior pockets
    • Great for holding kit, and personal items like keys and a mobile.
  • Fastenings: Strong zippers


No cold sections for keeping food fresh, which may put some people who are serious about their nutrition off. Additionally, the bag is smaller than some others on the market, so may not hold everything that a serious CrossFitter may need.


King Kong Bag

The King Kong bag comes in a range of colours to suit any CrossFitter. These include dark blue, light blue, grey, black, red, and pink. The King Kong bag retails for $125.

What we think is great:

  • Size: 19.7’’ L x 11.8’’ H x 11.8’’ W
    • Just the right size as it can fit everything that the CrossFitter would need in it without being too large to carry.
  • Construction: 16oz canvas construction
    • Thick canvas material that seems almost impossible to rip or tear. The seams are also super strong and have been classified as ‘indestructible’.
  • Strap: Thick and padded shoulder strap
    • Comfortable strap with strong metal clips that do not easily bend or break.
  • Eyelets for bag breathability
  • Compartments: Two shoe compartments
    • Great for those with running shoes and lifting shoes. The compartments are also water resistant so no worries for when you have wet shoes after running in the rain.
  • Pockets: Lots of different sized pockets
    • Great for holding all sorts of CrossFit kit
  • Fastenings: Almost indestructible zippers


Despite all of the benefits of The King Kong bag, it is more expensive than the standard, basic CrossFit bag, and may be bigger than some beginner CrossFitters are after.


Six Pack Beast Duffle Review

Six Pack Beast Duffle ReviewThe Six Pack Beast Duffle from Rouge Fitness only comes in black. The bag retails for: $199.

What we think is great:

  • Size: 23.5″L x 12″W x 11″H
  • Construction: Made from 840D Ballistic Nylon with reinforced stitching
    • This material is almost indestructible.
  • Strap: Detachable shoulder strap
    • Held on with strong metal clips
  • Food compartment: The bag contains an insulated modular core system
    • This allows you to keep up to 6 meals organized and independently accessible. The bag also includes 5 x snap lid food containers and 1 x sports nutrition container which is great for organizing supplements. The bag also contains 3x slide-In gel packs which keep all the food fresh and cool for over 8 hours.
  • Main compartment: Extra large main compartment
    • Perfect for holding all of your post-workout clothing, workout gear, and any personal items. There is also an extra dedicated shoe compartment which is ideal for keeping smelly shoes away from other kit.
  • Pockets: Lots of extra organizational pockets inside the bag itself
    • Great for holding your wallet, keys, and phone
  • Fastenings: Pockets and compartments use zippers and Velcro to close off all sections.


The Six Pack Beast Duffle is only available in black, and is a pretty big unit if you are only after a simple CrossFit gym bag. What is more, the bag is way more expensive than most bags on the market without the dedicated meal compartments.



If you are after the perfect CrossFit bag then make sure to consider what it is that you are really after. Make a list of everything that your bag must have, and any features that would make it perfect- also make sure to consider your budget. Once this is done, you can start your search, and in no time you will have your perfect CrossFit bag!