Adipower vs Romaleos 2: The Best Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting is a highly demanding activity that only the most fitted athletes can perform close to perfection. Of course, many people can go to the gym, get a pair of dumbbells, and do some curbs; that’s easy. The tricky part comes when things are taken to the next level, with power cleans, high-bar squats, jerks, and much more.

While performing high-level weightlifting workouts may take the body to its limits, the exposure to injuries is higher than ever before. In order to perform properly and keep the dangers at bay, we need to rely on the finest equipment available along with a good technique.

But there are different options for the many demands and users. Not everybody likes the same and look for equal workouts. Because of this, in the following lines, we will address the two common types of shoes that weightlifters choose, also reviewing the most popular and critically-acclaimed models right now, the Adipower and the Romaleos 2.


Types of Weightlifting Shoes

Before talking about our favorites models, we must mention the two common types of shoes in these workouts.

  • Minimalist Shoes: This is the cheaper alternative (in most cases), offering a simple, limited-support shoe that enhances flexibility and natural movements of the foot. These models, which lack any cutting-edge technology and advanced designs, aim to a more convenient range of motion but do not provide further protection against heavyweights.
  • Olympic Weightlifting Shoes: The ones we care here. These shoes have a thick rubber bottom with wooden or plastic reinforcements, helping the lifter with its form and technique during demanding workouts. They are more expensive and sometimes uncomfortable but provide what the serious lifter really needs.


Adipower vs Romaleos 2

Now it’s the time to talk about our two favorite models. We’ll highlight their more interesting features and deficiencies. After that, comparisons will be made.


Adidas Adipower Review

adidas-adipower-reviewThe notable Adipower weightlifting shoes are well-known for the premium support they offer, for both powerlifting and circuit training. They have a classic-inspired design theme where many details from previous models are present. Colors available are nice but discrete, just the opposite than the Romaleos 2.

The Adipower’s chassis is made with lightweight polymer for structured strength and high durability. With the years, users have expressed their satisfaction by stating how resistant the shoes are, along with the support and firmness in the ankle and under the arch.

Another point in favor of the Adipower is the stability they provide to the technique as a whole. While being a pair of weightlifting shoes, they aren’t uncomfortable or rigid as some could expect. In fact, Adidas worked hard to provide a soft construction to the feet without jeopardizing durability and firmness.


Nike Romaleos 2 Review

nike-men-romaelos-ii-reviewThe Romaleos 2 represent a significant upgrade from the first version of the shoe, this time being lighter and having a more rigid, supportive construction. While the materials are highly durable and provide the best quality possible, design and colors are quite flashy.

When we see the Romaleos 2, we get a safety impression right away: a mix between double power straps lock and quality laces. What these weightlifting shoes are trying to say to us is that they aren’t going to be loose without asking for permission first.

Nike claims that the Romaleos 2 are the most resistant and weightlifting-ready shoes out there, while the customers seem to agree. The popular opinion is that the Romaleos 2 provide support and stability like no other, sometimes mentioning the Adidas model as a reference.


The Comparison

As top-notch weightlifting shoes, the Adipower and the Romaleos 2 are really similar. They share many main features, like composite bottoms for high resistance, quality materials, comfortable designs that allow users to train for hours without inconveniences and much more.

The popular opinion is equally divided as well. The people love both models the same and the final decision is always defined by the customer’s preferences. Nevertheless, we can define two distinctions: the design and the lacing.

The Adipower follows a more traditional design, with fantastic colors to choose but always maintaining themselves classy. On the other hand, the Romaleos 2 have a fiercer design and bright colors, ones that may suit the younger audience and trendy athletes.

About the lacing, we can say that the Romaleos 2 have a mix between lacing and double power straps lock for further safety. On the other hand, the Adipower are simpler, only having basic lacing and a single strap lock.


Which are the Best Weightlifting Shoes for Flat Feet?

According to our research, the best weightlifting shoes for flat feet are the Nike Romaleos 2. Its design favors users with flat feet, providing proper support and allowing insole change.


Which are the Best Weightlifting Shoes for Wide Feet?

When it comes to users with wide feet, there is a tie. Both the Adipower and the Romaleos 2 have suitable designs, forms, and support structures that benefit and guarantee comfort and stability to users with wide feet. This issue is common in the lifting world because many of the traditional models don’t cover the matter.


Which are the Best Weightlifting Shoes for Squats?

Again, we must go for a tie on this one. Both models are amazing when it comes to squatting. Let’s remember that this is one of the most popular and demanding exercises in weightlifting, powerlifting, Crossfit, and many of the other disciplines you can think of. Because of this factor alone, the Adipower and the Romaleos 2 are designed to over perform when it comes to squats.


The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is not a clear answer. If you search for the best weightlifting shoes on the internet, many alternatives will come up. But the truth is that the Adipower and the Romaleos 2 will show up more than other models.

These two shoes are known for its quality and excellence. They have helped millions of weightlifters all around the world. At the end of the day, it seems like the Nike Romaleos 2 have a slight advantage. You will be the judge, anyways.